May 11th: New Gigs and Studio-date fixed!! Apart from Andy strutting his stuff on the gig front we have now fixed a studio date at the end of August to record some new songs : )

So keep on checking out the Gig-Page

March 5th: Hi everyone, thanks too my booking Guru Andy, new Gigs are coming in thick and fast so check out our Gig-Page : )

November 25th: Ibbenbüren Gig today cancelled: Sorry everyone. There has been a (personal) situation that has forced us to cancel the gig tonight. We are truly sorry and hope for your understanding.

November 20th: Hi everyone, a bit quiet here of late, bute not anymore! Check out our Gig-Page for 3 up-and-coming Gigs, 2 with a Christmas „flair“ : ))

October 24th 2022: Relaxed „Living-Room-Gig“ in the heart of Cologne. Wonderful evening meeting old and also making new friends in such a wonderful city. A huge thanks to Karo and Leon for giving us the oppertunity to play and to the „Terror Chicks“ for the wild party that went on in the adjacent appartment until dawn!!!

July 24th 2022: Wonderful weather and an enjoyable evening at the „Doppellecker“ Bus in Tecklenburg. A big thank you to all who came. A few impresseions….

June 27th 2022: Participation in the WDR2 Radio Programme „Beste Band im Westen“!!! Great news! We have been selected to participate in the afrorementioned contest! Our song „Hit The Highway“ will be played live on WDR 2 on Wednesday 6th July as one of three songs being introduced by 3 different bands. Anyone can listen to and vote for their favourite choice next week starting from Monday 4th (from 9 o’clock in the evening) until Sunday 10th on the WDR Website as follows. Go on to, then scroll down and click on the „Musik/Mehr“ button. Then scroll down and click on the „Wählen Sie die beste Band im Westen/Mehr“ button. There you will find the 3 choices for the week. Next to each band there is a box. Once it is selected you need to answer the question below and then press the button „Stimme abgeben“. You will then see a confirmation of your song selection/vote. We would appreciate your votes : )) You can vote as many times as you wish, you will just need to answer a different question each time ; )

May 18th 2022: Exciting news! Check out our new single „Love Sublime“ on all the major streaming platforms! Something positive in these dark times.

April 10th 2022: A big thanks to the Rina, the Colonel and all the crew of the Subrosa for a wonderful welcome and great evening. A really cool pub!!! Thanks to all the guests for your support and voices, much appreciated! We found it hard to leave in the end : ) It was our first time there and at the end we felt to be among friends, chatting to people we had never met in our lives. Really friendly people. If I lived in Dortmund it would be my living room.

Thursday 7th April: We’ve decided to get active on Facebook! So many people have been asking if we are on Facebook, so we have decided to start our own page there as an alternative source to keep everyone up to date. So if you are on Facebook, please take a look and give the page a like ; )

March 16th 2022: New gigs fixed! Check out 2 new gigs on our gig page. One on the Friday 8th April in Dortmund, Hafenschänke – Subrosa and then on the 19th May in Münster, Hot Jazz Club, as part of an open stage event. Look forward to seeing you there!

January 18th 2022: A Happy New Year to you all! I know, it’a bit late, but better late than never ; ) Well what’s new? Not a lot to be honest. Corona is still here and preventing us from doing much gig wise. We can only hope that this will improve as spring approaches and more is possible outdoors. We are working on a few new numbers too so we’ll keep you posted there as things progress. So if you heear of anything or are looking have something planned and are looking for live music that is uniquely „out of the box“ then why not drop us a line via our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

September 27th: What a wonderful evening and concert we had this past Saturday! Totally overwhelmed by the positive response. Humbled! Thanks to all who came and to the „Doppellecker“ team who took such good care of us. I hope to be able to post a few photos soon, but if anyboday out there has some others, we’d love to see them!

New article in the local paper about our gig tomorrow in Tecklenburg:

September 2021: Just landed our next Gig in Tecklenburg!! Saturday 25th September, starting at 19:30. Check out for the location and details to be published soon. You can check them out on Facebook too.

September 2021: Check out the „Soundgärtchen“ Promo Video for Hit the Highway on YouTube

21st August 2021: First Gig at the „Soundgärtchen“ in Lengerich was the perfect opener. Thanks to the organisers once again! The weather was on our side too for a change and we had a full house to boot! Thanks to everyone who came along and supported us, much appreciated. We should hopefully be getting some pictures and videos over the next few days and will post a few as soon as they arrive. A few music clips are already on the „Soundgärtchen“ Facebook page, so pop by and check them out.

8th July 2021: Very excited! Check out our first single on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc…..


July 2021: New „Music Clips“ Page

Checkout clips of our latest songs on our Website!!!

Gig teaser

May 2021: After the hard work we’ve put in, we have our first results. We will be playing our first gig in the Soundgärtchen in Lengerich in the 21st August 2021. We look forward to seeing you there and hope this will be the beginning of a wonderful journey.

29th April 2021: “Lost Places” photo session in Ladbergen: Thanks to some great work from our friend André Brockmeyer, we’ve managed to shoot loads of new photos for our project. Check them out under Photos / Bilder / Band Info.

19th April 2021: Our first studio recordings!!!! Here at Docmaklang Recording Studio in Osnabrück with Matze. Aided by his genius we managed to record four entire songs in just a single day (money too tight to mention ; ). And what stunning results! Whether you like the music or not, the quality of the recordings, are top notch! Thanks Matze!

5th April 2021: New Band Logos! Thanks to Karo Keuchel from MrMister for her kind and creative assistance.

March 2021: Session 2: Another good night! More new ideas and a firm concept of how we want to progress. A trip to the studio may well be on the cards : )

February 2021: First jam session: Promising start. Apart from catching up on things and enjoying the odd alcoholic beverage, we have captured 3 tunes in the raw.